Specialising in entrepreneurial companies oftenwith technology based product propositions, Zianetti delivers Market Assessment, Customer Communications and Private Equity Finance.

If you are successfully offering services and products then you will have found that research, planning and developing of markets is a continuous process. You may also experience the need to fuel growth.

You can reliably share the burden with Zianetti.

It starts with research.

When it comes to market research (and let's face it, we all know that it's rarely too soon to do market research) Zianetti has two specialist offers in the market research field. Firstly, a fixed price market assessment service DiligenceDue...

When entering a new market, DiligenceDue is a great way to start in a way which you intend to carry on: eyes open, aware of risks and threats and realistic about addressable market size and market share.

It continues with planned action. Unlike other marketing companies, Zianetti ltd combines engineering and marketing and sales experience to deliver practical plans and practical results from marketing activities. We will avoid the oft repeated mistake of attempting to treat all businesses with the same marketing. Every business deserves the right marketing mix.

When the business needs to grow into the market it has developed around itself it is often the case that profits retained over a four or five year period are insufficient to fuel that growth. By virtue of its association with Beer and Partners, Zianetti can market your business as an investment proposition to more than 1,000 private and mostly personal entrepreneurially minded sources of finance.

Markets, Customers, Money. If any one of these is top of your mind, contact Zianetti Ltd.

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